Pork w Creamy Danish Blue Vein Cheese (300g)

Pork w Creamy Danish Blue Vein Cheese (300g)

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Introducing our highly anticipated free range Pork with Creamy Danish Blue Vein Cheese salami. This traditional Italian style pork recipe has been reinvented with an intense aroma and typically sweet flavour with a gorgeous pungent aftertaste of the desirable creamy Danish blue vein cheese. We suggest pairing this unique flavour with dried fruits, fresh figs or pears and accompanied by a glass of red or sparkling wine.

Pork w Creamy Danish Blue Vein Cheese (300g)

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Weight: Minimum 300 grams

Ingredients: Australian Pork (MIN 95%), Salt, Dextrose (Maize), Red Wine (contains sulphites, 1%)), Starter Cultures, Antioxidant (316), Preservative (250,251), Danish Blue Cheese (2%)(Contains Milk), Spices [Including Black Peppercorns(0.2%)]

1 review for Pork w Creamy Danish Blue Vein Cheese (300g)

  1. Em Kelly

    Ooh bontà deliziosa, I first tried this at Eumundi mercati and just had to take some home. The mild flavour of the blue formaggio fused perfectly with the pork salame and was so tasty I purchased more online and waited anxiously for my delivery, which was not long at all

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