Where can I buy Goose on the Loose salami?

Goose on the Loose salami is available for purchase online via our website. We are also stocked in numerous outlets throughout Australia, please see our website for details.

You will also find us at various markets every weekend which we advertise weekly on our FB and Instagram Pages.

Be sure to check in regularly to stay updated and Follow the Goose on our social media pages to see when we will be near you!

How do I become a retailer or wholesaler of Goose on the Loose products?

For all enquiries about becoming a stockist, please email us at info@gooseontheloose.com

How long does shipping take?

Australia Post Standard Delivery times are listed below;

NSW Shipping to the city/CBD: 1-3 business days.
NSW Shipping outside of metropolitan areas: 3-5 business days.
TAS – 3-5 business days
VIC – 2-4 business days
QLD – 2-4 business days
WA – 4-5 business days

These are Australia Post’s ETA. Please note that these ETA’s may change during peak periods including public holidays such as Easter, Christmas and New Years Eve. There may also be delays in cases of unforeseen circumstances and natural disasters. We will do our very best to get your products to you as soon as possible, but please expect a delay during these periods.

Are refunds and returns accepted?

Refunds and returns may be accepted, however, terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our refunds and returns policy located down the bottom of this page.

How do I store my salami?

Salami is a ‘live’ product which means it will continue to dehydrate (cure) over time, to control the dehydration it is best stored in a brown paper sandwich bag, this type of paper is porous and allows the Salami to breath. If not, then loosely wrapped in baking paper or a dry tea towel. Salami can be hung or stored in the pantry during the cooler months, once the ambient temperature is consistently above 25° then the fridge is the best option. Salami will store for up to 12 months under these conditions.

Is the mouldy outside layer safe for consumption?

Yes it is! The Salami can grow mold over time, this is perfectly normal, the mold on Salami is the same strain as that found on cheeses such as Brie and Camembert (Penicillium Candidum), if stored correctly the mold should be white and dry. Wiping the Salami with diluted vinegar or liquor such as whiskey or vodka (40% alcohol) or good quality wine will help to inhibit mold growth.

Do all of your products contain pork?

Yes. Every salami product contains pork. Pork is used as a base ingredient for all other salami products, regardless of other meats used to develop the flavour. For example, our Venison and Cranberry salami also contains pork.

Are all Goose on the Loose products Australian made?

Absolutely! Our salami are made in NSW using 97% Australian sourced ingredients - we love to support local!

Is Goose on the Loose salami gluten and lactose free?

You bet it is! None of our salami products contain gluten or dairy.

Is Goose on the Loose salami organic?

Although our salami is made from the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients and free range produce, there are currently no certified organic Goose on the Loose products.

Does the meat used to make Goose on the Loose salami come from free range farms?

Yes. We are passionate about producing top quality artisan salami and we pride ourselves on only using Australian farmed and ethically sourced ingredients. Therefore, we only source meat which has been produced on certified Australian free range farms. Our pork, which is a base ingredient in all of our salami products, is sourced from Darling Downs, QLD – all our meat is from free range farms!

How are Goose on the Loose products best served?

We love Goose on the Loose salami on its own! However, our salami is the perfect addition for cheese boards and grazing platters. We also recommend using our products in your everyday cooking. Be inspired and try one of our monthly recipes using Goose on the Loose salami. You'll find them on our website under "Follow the Goose" and on our social media.

Can I freeze my salami?

No!!! Fresh is best! Salami is a traditionally dry-cured product and doesn’t actually need any form of cold storage.

How can I contact you?

The staff at Goose on the Loose, use both Facebook and Instagram as social media platforms to communicate with their loyal customers and followers. However, to guarantee that we respond to your enquiry, please also make sure that you email us.

For all enquiries relating to accounts, please email us at accounts@gooseontheloose.com

If you have an issues in regards to online orders or retailer and wholesaler orders, please email us at sales@gooseontheloose.com

For all other general enquiries, please email us at info@gooseontheloose.com

Do you ship salami overseas?

Unfortunately we do not, however we do ship nation wide.

Get our award winning premium salami delivered!