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Since 2014 the blend of passion, flavour and innovation continues to deliver the best.

Goose on the Loose Salami founder Adrian Greygoose

Our Story

Goose on the Loose began with one man’s passion for smallgoods and salami production, using time honoured methods and sharing with family and friends. When the demand increased for these first salami flavours and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, production grew and the business was taken to the next level. The salami range then began selling at local artisan and food markets.

Today, the highly-awarded and well loved range is now celebrated at food and wine festivals and available to our discerning and loyal audience online as well as stocked in gourmet delicatessens and at fine food stores. Goose on the Loose has a great relationship with our amazing customers where we listen and stay true to our simple promises of high-quality produce, great customer service, premium Australian-made salami and by staying close to time honoured traditions.

Goose on the Loose salami flavours laid out

Our Products

We create the best small production handcrafted salami with truly unique qualities. Considerable time is spent perfecting recipes and flavour combinations plus ongoing reviews to our production techniques to develop our own range of salami. In addition to this we sample and compare the best smallgoods in Australia.

We only work with the finest Australian ingredients when making our salami. Fresh grain fed meat, salt, spices and using natural methods for fermentation and dry curing techniques. Likewise, these choices may make our products more expensive than some competitors, but we believe that quality is the benchmark, not price. Our gluten free, lactose free, egg free and filler free traditional recipes contribute to our aim for natural, grain fed, locally raised all Australian salami packed with flavour.

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Award Winning Salami

Our numerous awards across the range tell the story of countless hours spent perfecting our recipes, techniques and methods. We are delighted recognised by the industry. We are a boutique producer and never compromise on the quality of our ingredients, all natural and no fillers.

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Goose on the Loose salami awards

Our Promise

To always bring our customers nothing but the best when it comes to salami. We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in crafting our premium salami. From selecting top-notch meats to blending the perfect combination of spices, we pay attention to every detail to ensure that our salami is a cut above the rest. Our customers can trust that every bite they take will be filled with the rich flavors and superior quality they deserve. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional salami experience that will leave our customers craving for more.

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