Recipe: Olive, cheese, avocado and chorizo skewers

Jun 01, 2020


  • 30 Green Olives
  • 60 slices of cheese (30 slices each of two cheeses of your choice)
  • 30 slices of Avocado
  • 30 slices of Goose on the Loose Chorizo
  • 30 Crackers
  • 30 decorative toothpicks


1. Skewer one olive onto a toothpick.
2. Add one slice of cheese below the Olive and then, add one slice of avocado and a slice of the alternative cheese.
5. Skewer one piece of Goose on the Loose Chorizo, leaving room for a cracker as the base.
6. Finally, sit the toothpick with the ingredients attached on top of a cracker and lightly press it in to the surface of the cracker. It does not have to go right through, as long as it is balanced and sits upright on the platter. Repeat until you have used up all the ingredients.

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