Now we know what you’re thinking – don’t you already have a duck salami available and why do you keep mentioning pork free?… Allow us to break it down for you.

Just Another Duck Salami?

Believe it or not, all our salami have pork in it – in our Beef, our Kangaroo, and yes, in our award winning Duck Salami with Juniper Berry. However from time to time, we make a small batch of the same Duck Salami you know and love, BUT without the pork fat: for our duck lovers and also allows those who don’t eat pork to enjoy our salami.

Without the pork fat, you get a less gamey texture where the Juniper Berry really showcases its flavour and balancing well with the juicy duck flavours and we love it! With every batch release we tend to sell out extremely quickly, hence why this alternative keeps coming back.

So now that you had a taste of what it’s all about, why not taste it for real?! This Pork-Free Duck Salami flavour is available while stocks last and it is definitely worth the quack!