Salami and sausages are often confused with each other and for good reason. These close cousins may seem alike, but they have their own vibrant personalities.

Picture this: Similar looks, similar taste, and a texture that’s hard to tell apart. It’s no wonder salami and sausage get confused! But hold on, they’re not twins!

  • Sausages is the versatile ground meat hero. Fresh, cooked, or smoked, it can do it all. Salami, on the other hand, is a cured, fermented, and air-dried superstar
  • Salami has a long shelf life and can be enjoyed being eaten as is. Sausages, however, need a little heat before they hit your palette
  • Flavours and combos? Sausage goes wild with endless options. Salami rocks a mix of beef and pork (and at Goose On The Loose, duck too!), packed with spiced goodness

So, next time you’re in a culinary conundrum, remember: salami and sausage may be similar, but their unique charms make each one a superstar in its own right!