Hey Salami Lovers! Let’s talk about the power-packed goodness of our salami. If you’re on Team Gluten-Free, this is your ultimate treat. Here are 3 reasons why our Salami sticks are not only packed with flavour, but also health benefits.

Packed with the Good Stuff

Unlike the others, we craft our salami from free range pork as well as our kangaroo and boar sourced in the wild. No shortcuts here – we’re all about top-notch quality and consistency. Our pure pork fat ensures a gamy and juicy texture which addictively well balanced. Glute-free warriors, we’ve got you – protein, natural fat, and low carbs in perfect harmony.

Gut-Friendly Dry Cured

When drawing our moisture from our meat, it results in more concentrated flavour. This process creates good bacteria and microorganisms that play as digestion heroes. Think of it as your gut’s personal cheerleaders, making sure your body gets the most out of every bite. So you could say that dry cured foods are the real MVPs for gut health.

Real & Natural Goodness

Ingredients matter, and we’re all about good things only. We hand-butcher premium pork, no frozen business here. Our pork is free from antibiotics and hormones – we believe in happy animals and a happy planet. Spices? Freshly ground. Think garlic, fennel, and more, all getting their groove on the day they join our salami party. This dedication means intense flavours in every bite. Our quality obsession isn’t just about taste, it’s about health too. Know every inch of our salami – from pork to spices, this is the real deal.