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How To Store Salami

The ideal temperature for Salami is 18° and 75% humidity, the same as a red wine fridge.

Salami is a ‘live’ product which means it will continue to dehydrate (cure) over time, to control the dehydration it is best stored in a brown paper sandwich bag, this type of paper is porous and allows the Salami to breath. If not then loosely wrapped in baking paper or a dry tea towel.

Salami can be hung or stored in the pantry during the cooler months, once the ambient temperature is consistently above 25° then the fridge is the best option.

The Salami won’t go off however once the temperature gets above 25°, however, the fat starts to melt and the product is less desirable to eat.

Avoid paper kitchen towels as they are too absorbent and will ‘suck’ the fat and moisture out of the Salami.

The Salami can grow mold over time, this is perfectly normal, the mold on Salami is the same strain as that found on cheeses such as Brie and Camembert (Penicillium Candidum) if stored correctly the mold should be white and dry. Wiping the Salami with diluted vinegar or liquor such as whiskey or vodka (40% alcohol) or good quality wine will help to inhibit mold growth.

Salami should not be wrapped in anything airtight, the trapped air around the product will stagnate which will lead to mildew.

Once cut the storage recommendations are the same.

Salami will store under these conditions for up to 12 months.

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